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Chemical companies
Commonwealth Government
Diseases, Pests and Weeds
Exporting and importing
Fertiliser companies
Machinery companies
Industry groups (previously Associations)
Link pages - sites of general interest
Packaging companies
Quality Assurance
Retail/Food Services
Rural suppliers (previously Agribusiness)
Seed and varieties - General
State Government
Statistics and industry information
Storage and transport

Agronomy (See also State Government) [top]

Australian Cadmium Minimisation Strategy - Primary Industries Standing Committee (formerly SCARM)
Objectives, about cadmium, publications (many available as PDFs including potato cadmium leaflets), news, links and contacts.
Irrigation - Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
Managing cadmium in vegetables - NSW Agriculture
Mechanical damage - Department of Primary Industries, Victoria

Bookstores and information products [top]

Bookshop (NSW Agriculture)
Full range of NSW Agriculture publications plus other selected titles. Mail or fax ordering.
CSIRO Publishing
Information on books, CDs, journals and other information products.
Catalog (by index or search engine), latest releases and internet ordering for a wide range of books.
Good Fruit & Vegetables
Contact details, overview, subscription information and advertising rate card.
Publications (Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Victoria)
Publications for sale, free publications and libraries. Can arrange ordering of obscure titles. Mail, fax, email or phone ordering.
Internet Book Shop (Primary Industries and Resources South Australia)
Large range of departmental and other publications. Phone, fax and internet ordering.
Johima - Sydney, NSW
Technical bookstore that stock overseas potato books. The site contains only a small sample of their range and their printed catalog, which can be requested, is much more extensive.
Research, books articles and information products focussing on sustainable agriculture, the environment and natural resource management. Also have potato books from Wageningen Academic Publishers, The Netherlands and proceedings from the World Potato Congress.
Publications ( Primary Industry, Water and Environment, Tasmania)
Directory to services, publications and Permits & Forms.
The Rural Store at Kilmore in Victoria
A wide range of Australian and overseas books. Mail order.

Chemical companies [top]

Bayer Cropscience
Detailed product information - labels and Material Safety Dat Sheets, and news.
Crop Care
Detailed product information - labels and Material Safety Data Sheets, dealers and news.
Dow AgroSciences
Detailed product information - labels and Material Safety Data Sheets, chemical contacts, markets and news.
Detailed product information - labels and Material Safety Data Sheets, news, advice and links.
Products, brief label details, company profile, distributors and contact information.
Detailed product information - labels and Material Safety Data Sheets, chemical contacts, news, biotech and links.
Detailed product information - labels and Material Safety Data Sheets, news, chemical contacts and links.
Detailed product information - labels and Material Safety Data Sheets, news and rewards program.

Commonwealth Government [top]

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australia Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS)
Provides quarantine, inspection and certification services for people and products leaving and arriving into Australia.
Biosecurity Australia
Responsible for developing plant quarantine policies. Current Import Risk Analyses, fact sheets, finalised Import Risk Analyses, review of current import policies and weed assessment of new plant imports.
Large range of information on food safety, quality, statistics, import/export, National Food Industry Strategy, supply chain management, trade, sustainability and contacts.
Food Safety and Quality Navigator
Search facility for information about services and activities of commonwealth, state and local governments, industry organisations, research and development corporations, educational institutions and individuals who are currently engaged in food safety and QA activities throughout Australia. It also contains information on the many different standards, guidelines and codes of practice, currently in use in Australia.
Levies Revenue Service
The Potato Levy is collected to fund research and development. Guidelines, rates and return form.
PBR - Plant Breeder's Rights
Background information, regulations and protected varieties.
Agriculture Portal
Provides access to a broad range of government and agribusiness services.
Products, services and information to support industry, research and innovation.
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Statistics, news, products, key national indicators and statistical profile of Australia.
Australian Business Register online
Some of the information that is provided by businesses when they register for an Australian Business Number (ABN).
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Competition and fair trading. Lots of interesting information.
Australian Government Business Entry Point
Lots of useful contacts for businesses.
Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)
The National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals. Evaluates, registers and regulates agricultural and veterinary chemicals. Also reviews products which have been on the market for many years to ensure that they meet contemporary standards. It manages a national compliance program to ensure that products supplied in Australia continue to meet the conditions of registration.
Australian Tax Office
Lots of information on tax - what you can and cannot do. Information in a wide range of languages.
Bureau of Meteorology
Weather reports for all the states, radar images, satellite images and weather charts.
Rural Weather service (SILO)
Weather information service for rural communities.
Commonwealth Regional Information Directory
The Directory (formerly called The Rural Book ) is written for people living in regional and rural Australia. The book includes information on Commonwealth programs and services.
Cooperative Research Centres Program
Research alliances between CSIRO, universities, government departments and private industry with a focus on producing commercial outcomes.
CRC Centre for Plant Based Management of Dryland Salinity
CRC for Irrigation Futures
CRC for Waste Management and Pollution Control Ltd
CSIRO Australia
Australia's largest research agency. Involved in a wide range of potato research.
Australian Insect Common Names
Food Science Australia
Research alliance focusing on research and development for manufactured food products. Extensive range of links for the food industry.
Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)
Information on Food Standards, Food Safety, Food Recalls, GM Foods, Publications, news, what is in food and a wide range of international links.
Land and Water Australia
R&D corporation for land and water.
Land and water audit
Audit of Australia's natural resources.
National Program for Sustainable Irrigation
Irrigation research on critical natural resource issues.
Murray-Darling Basin Commission
News, about the basin, the problems, the initiative, River Murray, publications and contact details.
Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner Information for businesses, government and community on what they need to know and their rights under privacy regulations.
Office of the Retail Grocery Industry Ombudsman
Roles, powers, about mediation, guide for applicants, codes of conduct, background and links.
Telecommunication services.
Internet Assistance program
Wagenet (replaces Osiris)
Federal wages and conditions. Information about wages and conditions.
Youth Portal
A wide range of youth oriented services for rural and regional areas.

Consultants [top]

Communications and technology transfer services. Byron Australia
Privately owned and operated R&D facility headquartered in Sydney, Australia focusing on innovative research and development of food processes and technologies. These products & processes, many patented, are then licensed by companies worldwide for use in the manufacture and marketing of food and food related products under their own brands.
Prohort Consulting
Provides consultancy services focusing on horticulture, irrigation and soil management.
Scholefield Robinson
Horticulture, viticulture and agribusiness services.
T.S. Agricultural Consultants Pty. Ltd.
Provide a range of crop protection services.

Diseases, Pests and Weeds (see also State Government) [top]

Under Construction

Exporting and importing [top]

Wide range of information to assist exporters.
Australian Horticultural Exporters Association
Standards, news, export directory, industry information, contacts, publications, logistics and member services.
Australian Quarantine Inspection Service
Information on regulatory requirements for export.
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Consular services, East Asia Analytical Unit, publications, country information, trade policy and links.
Export Finance and Insurance Corporation
Overview, client experiences, risk checklist, markets, products, links, news and contact details.
Export South Australia
Research, regulations, documentation, finance, insurance, the product, logistics, networks, after the sale, glossary and links.
Food Adelaide
Product range, regions and contact details.
Global Supermarket
Food and beverage export magazine.
National Food Industry Strategy
Magazine, events, fast facts, market data, country briefs, publications, grants, centres of excellence, case studies, demonstration projects, workforce development and environmental sustainability.
TradePalette - CrimsonLogic
Solutions for businesses who trade nationally, internationally and globally.

Fertiliser companies [top]

Australian Humates
Product list, the story, newsletters and contact details.
Products, advice, contacts, links, online orders, environmental and health information, and student information.
Incitec Pivot
Corporate site. Incitec
Dealers, products, meetings, field days and educational information.
Prescription farming, product list, news, technical bulletins, what's on and student information.
Product information.
Products, analytical services, news, tank mix guide and crop guide which includes nutrient deficiency symptoms.
Organic Crop Protectants
Company profile, products, research & development and contact details.
SJB Ag-Nutri
Product information, solving crop problems, feedback and contact details.
Spray Gro
Company profile, distributors and products.

Finance [top]

Adelaide Bank
AMP Bank
Australian Banker's Association
Links to member banks and associations.
Australian Banking Industry Ombudsman
If you have any complaints.
Australian Central Credit Union
Australian Credit Union Network
Links to credit unions, CreditCare, publications and a wide range of information on finance.
Australian Investment & Securities Commission (ASIC)
One of three government bodies that regulate financial services. Your new company, running a company, dealing with other companies and closing down your company.
Bendigo Bank
Commonwealth Bank
Macquarrie Bank
National Bank
North West Country Credit
Powerstate Credit Union
Rabobank (PIBA)
St George Bank
Stock Exchange
Share information.
Tax Office
Lots of information on tax - what you can and cannot do. Information in a wide range of languages. Also includes details on tax reform.

GMOs (Search for GM potato for plenty of news and views.) [top]

Agrifood Awareness
News, fact sheets, questions and answers, horticulture, events and links.
Australian Gene Ethics Network
Agriculture, biosafety, food, legal issues, publications, links and resources.
Biotechnology Australia
Community issues, school resources, primary producers, industry & research, media, national biotechnology strategy and links.
Ecological implications of GMOs - CSIRO
A new research project on ecological implications of GMOs.
Gene technology in Australia - CSIRO
What is it, how it is done, what are the uses, the great debate, how gene technology will affect me, glossary and links. The not-so-humble spud
Producing varieties with resistance to Potato Leaf Roll Virus
Genetically Modified Foods - FSANZ
Standards, general information, labeling, applications & proposals and links.
Office of the Gene Technology Regulator - Department of Health and Aged Care
Regulations, committees, notification of applications, accredited organisations and general information. Extensive range of links to other sites.
True Food Network - Greenpeace
Information for those against GM products. True food guide, news, questions & answers and links.

Industry groups [top]

National Association for Crop and Animal Health. News, information on industry issues and links.
Australian Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries
Represents the fresh fruit and vegetable wholesalers in Australia's six central markets. News, markets, library, fruit & veg information, industry services and links.
Australian Farmers Market Association
News, locate a market and about the association.
Australian Food and Grocery Council
News, economy and trade, GST impact, nutrition and health, food safety, GM foods, food regulation, supply chain and environment.
Represents the interests of potato growers. Services, R&D programs, resources and contact details.
Farmwide Online
Farmwide is a company owned by the National Farmers Federation and their site provides a wide range of services for farmers.
Horticulture Australia
What's new, products & services, R&D program, open forum, background and links.
IMC - Institute of Management Consultants
Information on management consultants that belong to the institute.
Irrigation Association Australia
Contact details, services, news, certification, events, publications, codes, members and links to other related sites.
NSW Farmers
Represents farmer members in New South Wales. Reports, news, radio online, member services, training, student projects, links and chat room.
Plant Health Australia
News, plans, projects, library, mailing list, projects and discussion forum.
Potato Processors Association of Australia
Purpose and contact.
Queensland Fruit and Vegetable Growers
Represents fruit and vegetable growers in Queensland. The industry, information for students, news releases, discussion board, recipes and links.
South Australian Farmers Federation
Represents farmer members in South Australia. Media releases, services, training, events, reports and policies, publications and links.
Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association
Represents farmer members in Tasmania. Updates & issues, news, vegetable newsletter, member services, environmental services, general information and associated organisations.
Victorian Farmers Federation
Represents farmer members in Victoria. Membership, contacts, policies, press releases, personal emergencies and a range of other services.

Libraries [top]

A subject information gateway for resources, both online and offline, identified as valuable to those participating in Agriculture Research.
National Library
About the library, collections & services, internal resources & databases and initiatives & projects. Links to libraries
Links to libraries in Australia and overseas.
Newstext - News Limited
Subscription based archive for News Corporations newspapers.

Link pages - sites of general interest [top]

AgNet - Australian Agricultural Topics
A list of internet links on Australian agricultural topics.

Machinery companies [top]

Barry Oldaker & Associates
New and secondhand machinery.
Dalmore Forklifts
Tractor mounted forklifts and attachments.
Planters, diggers, elevators, seed cutters, seed treaters, mini tuber planters, bin tippers and bin filling lines.
EDP Packaging and Handling Systems
Latest news, product information and contact details.
Products, news and information about the company.
Vin Rowe Farm Machinery
Product details and contact information.

Marketing [top]

Adelaide Produce Markets
History, tenants & produce, services, market complex, events, news and reports.
Ausmarket Consultants
The Ausmarket Consultants group offers Australian fruit and vegetable market price reporting and Market Intelligence, Historic Data as well as Outturn Reporting and Product Assessment.
Brisbane Markets
Contains site map, contact directory (including all wholesalers), trading hours, agent/crop matching, eDelivery system and a newsletter.
Food Victoria
Food suppliers, market information, news, events, publications, careers, Victorian Food Industry, Industry in Victoria and Managing Business.
Melbourne Market Authority
Maps, market traders info, promotions, merchants, farmpay, hours of operation, account payment and links.
South Australia Food On-line
Information on food products and services in South Australia, business essentials, export information, finance, food quality, food safety, legislation, freight, industry associations, software for food industry, market intelligence and links.
Sydney Markets
Details on suppliers, exporters, benefits, hours and contact information.
Consumer information on potatoes.
Western Potatoes
Recipes, varieties, nutrition, publications, merchandise, kids corner and downloads.

Merchants [top]

Comit Farms
History, growing, processing, varieties and potato facts.
History, people, logistics, divisions and contact details.
Monaghan Packers
Products, export and contact details.
About, recipes, potato hints, products and news.
Potato Masters
Under construction.
Red Gem
Recipes, varieties and contact details.

Miscellaneous [top]

Implements the agricultural and veterinary chemical industry's regulatory system of accreditation. News, accreditation, MSDs & tools and links.
A national program for the collection and recycling of empty, cleaned, non-returnable farm chemical containers. News and collection dates.
Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) - What's it all about? - AFFA
Explanation about what MRLs are all about.
Muddy Boots
Software. Products, support, latest and contact details.

Packaging companies [top]

Products, technical bulletins, news and contact details.
H. Polesy & Co.
Product information and contact details.
Pope Packaging
Profile, branches and products.
United Crate
Products, services, equipment, crate guide, news and account enquiries.

Processing (Australian sites. See overseas list for overseas company sites.) [top]

Bunnybite Farms
Part processed products. Products, varieties, machinery and contact details.
Factors affecting dry matter - Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
Homestyle Vegetables
Potato salads and mash products. Products, production line and contact details.
Promotion screen only.
Measurement of specific gravity - Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
Mrs Crocket's Kitchen
Potato salad. Recipes, nutrition, products, where to buy and contact information.
Real McCoy Snackfood Company
Crisps. Products and contact details.
Rivergold Foods
Dried products. About, products, purchase and contact details.
Scalzo Food Industries
Dehydrated products. Products and information on the companies operations.
Food vision, food facts, company, brands and recipes.
News, background and products.
About the company and products.
Windsor Farms
Under construction.

Quality Assurance [top]

Assessment and certification services. About, programs, contact details and links.
Code of practice for environmentally sustainable vegetable and potato production in Western Australia - Department of Agriculture, Western Australia
EnviroVeg - A Vegetable Industry Initiative
Initiative syupported by the Vegetable Levy.
Foodinfo - AFFA
Large range of information on food safety, quality, statistics, import/export, National Food Industry Strategy, supply chain management, trade, sustainability and contacts.
Food Safety and Quality Navigator - AFFA
Search facility for information about services and activities of commonwealth, state and local governments, industry organisations, research and development corporations, educational institutions and individuals who are currently engaged in food safety and QA activities throughout Australia. It also contains information on the many different standards, guidelines and codes of practice, currently in use in Australia.
Food Operations
Food safety. Training, auditing, technical services, certification, links and contact details.
Food Safety - Department of Human Services, Victoria
Responsible for food regulation in Victoria. Templates, auditing, supervisor requirements, industry issues, starting a food business, legislation, research, food poisoning and links.
On-farm food safety program. Introduction, how it will operate, steps to certification, news, application forms and contact details.
Quality Assurance Services
Certifying agency for quality management systems. Contact details, training, case studies, certification, databases and links.
SAI Global (formerly QAS)
Services, education and training, case studies, merchandise and marketing.
Safe Food Production NSW
Services, publications, links and legislation.
Safe Food Queensland
Works to ensure consumers have as much confidence in the safety of queensland produced food as they have in its great taste. Food safety, FAQ, business centre, approved auditing and links.

Retail/Food Services [top]

Supplier opportunities, store locations and news.
Australian Retailers Association (Australian Supermarket Institute now a part of ARA)
Retail issues and member services.
Australian Food News
Food law, biotechnology & GM issues, bookshop, fresh produce news, employment service, food service, food processing, Australian and international food events and links. Links to online grocery stores
Coles Myer
Coles supermarkets
Shopping info, stores, supplier info, coles Online, meal ideas and contact details.
Bi-Lo supermarkets
Recipes, news, suppliers and contact details.
Recipes, news, suppliers and contact details.
Foodland Associated
About, news, online ordering and contact details.
Foodland South Australia
About, what's new and stores
Greening of potatoes - Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
Greening of potatoes - Food Science Australia
Information sheet
Stores, news, recipes and retailer information.
Retail handling of fresh potatoes - Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
Vendors guide, store locations, HomeShop, recipes and services.

Rural suppliers [top]

Range of support services including the ability to view your account details online.
Grow Force
Products, services, MSDs, store locations and general information about the company.
Range of support services.
Background, members and contact details.
Products, services, research, analytical services, media and PAM UltraCrop.

Seed and varieties - General [top]

Under Construction

State Government [top]

These are quite large sites offering a wide range of information. In sites where the potato information is not all together use the search option. Search for potato.

New South Wales

NSW Agriculture
News, media and bookshop


Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
The Long Paddock
Climate management information for Rural Australia
Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries

Northern Territory

Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development
Vegetable program

South Australia

Primary Industries and Resources South Australia
South Australia Food Online
South Australian Research and Development Institute
Potatoes (A lot of information on potatoes)


Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research


Department of Primary Industries
The potato industry - An overview
R&D Activities
Publications (Including large range of potato agnotes)
Environment Gateway
Food Victoria

Western Australia

Department of Agriculture Potatoes

Government entry points

Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

Statistics and industry information [top]

Under Construction

Storage and transport [top]

Cool Handling - South Australian Research and Development Institute
Newsletters, information kits, fact sheets, research, contacts and publications.
Sydney Postharvest Laboratory
Storage and handling database, storage information, postharvest information sheets, alternate & botanical names for crops, links, availability of produce and marketing information.

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